Ian is an experienced Database architect with over 15 years of direct PostgreSQL in both single host and clustered environments and in on-premise and cloud-provided PostgreSQL offerings.  He is a seasoned architect that understands all facets of large system development.  He has extensive database experience in PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and Redis. Ian’s experience has allowed him to be involved in building large-scale highly available streaming replication environments using PostgreSQL 9.x. He has also worked with clients to migrate large-scale systems from Sybase to PostgreSQL.  In addition to his knowledge of databases, He has been involved in large-scale system development and has in depth knowledge of system development. He has also provided clients with development assistance (helping developers identify and remediate long-running queries), system administration (tuning, configuration, monitoring, and optimization), and user facing support (accounts, management, and reporting).  He, is not only sound technically but has the ability to communicate complex concepts clearly to clients both verbally and in written form.

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